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Visual Row

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The Idea

Most people spend most of their time online. Nevertheless, the quality of the content is quite mediocre and is characterized by poor presentation, laziness and lack of structure. Based on this criterion and with a focus on creativity, passion and professionalism, we offer the best possible experience in terms of design, implementation and content development that is displayed daily to people around the world.


The Beginning

Joseph Bourexakis undertook the implementation of this idea, applying the knowledge acquired through studies and his many years of experience in software development and design for many projects in Greece and abroad. Having developed a network of reliable partners, we are given the opportunity to fulfill every aspect of your project so that the overall process is more efficient and fast. We continue to evolve through new technologies and approaches that lead to better results.

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Ethics & Values

Knowledge. Experience. Communication.
Necessary ingredients for a great business relationship.

Knowledge & Experience

The high academic knowledge combined with our many years of experience in the field of online applications, both in Greece and abroad, give us the opportunity to meet the most demanding challenges. Having undertaken a significant number of project with varying degrees of difficulty we are able to provide the best possible result that fulfills all the criteria of your needs.



The key element of a successful relationship is good communication. Nowadays, everything tends to automate and become impersonal. Nevertheless, we believe that the immediacy of interpersonal communication cannot be replaced as most variants are a degradation of quality and the human element. Based on this criterion, we stand to provide the best possible service with understanding, patience and immediacy.

News & Tips

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