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Office with chair, computer and keyboard for web development

General information

Visual Row focuses on providing services aimed at both the development of web applications as well as their online advertising and promotion. Due to our level of knowledge and experience we are able to offer solutions that cover all levels of needs, proposing implementations that meet exactly every need of your requirements.


Software Design

To achieve the desired result, we apply the appropriate software development and design model (eg waterfall or agile model) based on the criteria and requirements of each project. Following the right methodology and utilizing the most modern approaches and tools we are led to the final stage of the process much easier and faster, remaining within cost and specifications.

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Web Development

We make fast, responsive websites.
Each design is unique and tailor-made to your requirements.

Web Design & Development

The presence of a business on the internet is a key factor in its viability. By creating a fast, dynamic, modern website that highlights and emphasizes your features, services or products, you can gain recognition, prestige, stand out from the competition and expand your clientele.



Based on the achievement of the best possible result, we use the appropriate, modern technologies based on the criteria of each project. At the design level (UI & UX), tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and XD from Adobe are used to come up with the perfect design. At code level, custom applications based on PHP and Laminas (Zend) Framework are used for backend, while for frontend we use JavaScript's ES6 in combination with various frameworks (jQuery, React, Vue) along with HTML5 and CSS3. For the best possible speed and distribution, we use Amazon's CDN and image proxies via Imgix.

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Content Management Systems

Take control of your page.
Manage your business efficiently and effortlessly.

Custom Management Systems & Applications

Each of our projects includes a custom management system (CMS), made according to the requirements of each application. Through this you will be able to make changes yourself directly, easily and quickly to the content and texts of the page. It is also possible to create special CRM type pages in order to manage the general data of your company such as customers, suppliers, services / products, reservations, appointments, reports and more.


Want something more specific?

We love innovation and new ideas! Through our experience we can help and guide you in making your thinking a reality. By following the right approach, we will organize and study your ideas, always in collaboration with you, so that we can come up with exactly what you have thought of and implement it to the fullest extent possible.

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Digital Marketing

Web development is just the beginning.
Discover your target audience and gain more traffic now.

Google Ads (PPC)

Google Ads (Adwords) is the largest online advertising platform as it places your website in the top positions of Google search results. This promotion is the best and most direct way to reach targeted customers and guide them in completing our goals. Google Ads is based on the PPC (Pay Per Click) model and includes Search Ads, Display Ads, videos on Youtube and others, from which we will find the best combination for your needs .


Advanced advertising techniques

Our many years of experience in Google Ads advertising enable us to leverage advanced advertising techniques and maximize the performance of your campaigns while minimizing cost-per-click. We are constantly monitoring, adapting and improving your campaigns based on statistics, competition analysis and the market trends, in order to achieve the most conversions without ever exceeding your budget.

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