Google Ads (PPC)

Google Ads (Adwords) is the largest online advertising platform as it places your website in the top positions of Google search results. This promotion is the best and most direct way to reach targeted customers and guide them in completing our goals. Google Ads is based on the PPC (Pay Per Click) model and includes Search Ads, Display Ads, videos on Youtube and others, from which we will find the best combination for your needs .


Advanced advertising techniques

Our many years of experience in Google Ads advertising enable us to leverage advanced advertising techniques and maximize the performance of your campaigns while minimizing cost-per-click. We are constantly monitoring, adapting and improving your campaigns based on statistics, competition analysis and the market trends, in order to achieve the most conversions without ever exceeding your budget.

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Digital Marketing and SEO

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Google Ads Marketing Strategy

Everything is calculated. The first step is to develop a comprehensive Google Ads marketing strategy with distinct measurable goals (Key Performance Indicator - KPI) so that we have a clear picture of the results and know exactly what stage we are at.
Through the analysis of statistics and the continuous monitoring, processing and adjustment of our campaigns, we will define exactly the demographics and the search behavior of the website visitors. These elements will help us to better understand the target audience and to organize our future actions and goals.

CTR and Conversion Optimization

The key to success in Google Ads advertising is to constantly monitor and analyze the data our customers give us. This information will help us to better understand our audience and tailor our campaigns to optimize the Click Through Rate (CTR) and then the Conversion Rate. To achieve this we use special analysis techniques of Google Ads and Google Analytics statistics in combination with advanced competition research techniques and market trends so that we are always up to date.

Google Ads Remarketing

While the ads are running we create lists of potential customers who have shown interest in us but have not taken any action (conversion). Through Google Ads Remarketing we will target these customers in a specific way to convince them and lead them to the final conversion. Google Ads Remarketing campaigns generate high conversion rates and are an integral part of a comprehensive Google Ads advertising strategy.

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A mobile for Facebook and Instagram advertising

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Advertising in combination with social media management and specifically on Facebook and Instagram is a very effective way to expand our audience and / or to better understand the existing audience in its navigation outside of Google. Always guided by the goals we have set, we provide the customer with even more points of contact to lead him to the final conversion. At the same time, a strong presence on social channels is an important element of branding and helps to create strong links with our audience.

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