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Services - Website Construction

An office with a computer and a mouse for building websites

Website Design & Development

The most important step for any business is to present its corporate identity through a website.After we evaluate your needs and particularities, we undertake the design and development of the website from the beginning, aiming at a complete result that will fully meet every requirement. We use the most modern approaches and technologies in order to create fast, dynamic and responsive websites.
We provide unique designs, based on your branding that you have the ability to see how it will be in practice before the implementation even begins. Each of our projects includes a customized management system to make it easier for you to manage the content of the website.


Online sales are one of the most efficient ways to promote your services and products, expand your customer base and increase your profits. Through the WooCommerce platform we offer you everything you need to create your own online store, with the ability to fully manage your products and services, your warehouse, payment methods and with thousands of extensions that cover every need of your store.


Shopify is one of the largest online e-commerce platforms in the world with more than 1,000,000 businesses in almost 175 countries. We undertake the creation of a unique, fast, customized theme for your company and its configuration in the Shopify environment so that you can take advantage of the advantages and ease of the tools it provides and promote your products and services.

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Google (Search, My Business)

The next step after building your website is to increase its traffic through its entry in Google. We proceed with the addition of the website and its subpages to the Google index so that someone can organically search and find your business through Google Search.

Google My Business is the top tool in order for your customers to discover you and for your business to be displayed on Google Maps. Through this you can present your business in detail, add your locations, opening houurs and service management, analyze the services and products you offer, post photos and posts as well as receive reviews and comments from customers and your visitors.

Hosting & CDN

To ensure the smooth and fast operation of your website, always with security and data protection in mind, we make use of recognized, standard solutions that apply to their relevant part. For the hosting of your website we use the servers and Elastic packages of Mediahost which due to their infrastructure are one of the fastest and most expandable solutions on the market.

To quickly distribute the static files on your website, we use the AWS CloudFront service (Amazon Web Services) which utilizes the huge Amazon network (CDN) to find the nearest server to your visitor with the minimum possible delay. For pages with greater needs and volume of photos we use Imgix image proxy service which is one of the best tools for managing photos and distributing them (CDN) in the ideal format to the visitor.

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Page Performance Review

Do you already have a website but aren't sure about its speed and performance? The quality of a page is a determining factor for its success and development both in the context of organic search (SEO, Google Search) and in advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook).
A slow, inefficient page that results in a low Quality Index leads to increased maintenance and advertising costs and prevents potential visitors. We can analyze your website and suggest you complete improvement solutions in its problem areas based on your needs and requirements.