Social Media Channel Management

Social media is a key part of a company's success as it directly contributes to strengthening brand awareness and consolidating its position in the industry. At the same time they help to improve the organic ranking of the company's website (SEO) as they increase its traffic and enable us to move based on a Marketing strategy to guide the customer to the goals we want to achieve.


We build relationships of trust

Due to the directness of the communication with the target audience, we can better understand our clientele and build trust that will help us accomplish the goals we have set. We undertake the monitoring of all the interactions of the public (inbox messages, comments, ratings) and we suggest the best way of management in order to maintain the prestige and the high level of your popularity.

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Professional Social Media Management

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What is social media management?

Social media management is based on the marketing strategy that we will develop and includes the creation of presentable graphic elements and targeted texts and their posting in the format accepted by each channel (eg post on Facebook and Twitter, text post on Google My Business, tweet on Twitter etc).
The channels we choose depend on your industry and the audience we want to target. In any case, we will suggest you the best options that will fully meet your needs.

The content of a post depends on the type of the channel and can be a short text, an image, a video, a slideshow or animation, a contest, a link from your website, a product or service and other options.

Monthly Posting Plan

The posts on the social channels are organized in a monthly plan - calendar that defines exactly the post schedule and their content. This plan is created from the previous month so that there is consistency and coherence in posts and always in consultation with you. In order to have the best result, we measure all the statistics provided to us by the channels with a combination of analytics tools and we process them in order to maximize the understanding of our audience and therefore our performance.

Graphics & Text Creation

We undertake the creation of high quality texts that include the appropriate #hashtags and respond directly to the social channel to which they are addressed. We create and process the material based on material provided by you but also through internet sources by ensuring usage rights to keep your head calm. We make sure that both the verbal and the visual part of the posts always go hand in hand with the branding of your business and the posts are made based on the marketing plan / calendar we have created.

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Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media contributes significantly to achieving the goals we have set in our marketing strategy. Advertising on Facebook and advertising on Instagram utilizes targeted audience lists that we will create, which are directly related to your services and lead to customer conversions.

Along with Google Ads, we provide the customer with even more contact points to lead him to his final decision. Our experience in social media advertising enables us to optimize advertising campaigns to have the best possible result for your budget.

Account Creation & Connection

If you do not have an account on one of the channels we can create them on request and send you the passwords, which you can then change if you wish. If there is an active account on the channels we choose then you just need to give us access as Manager, which will be done through a notification that we will send you or through a remote connection to your computer.

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