Professional E-Shop Design & Development

Guided by your needs, we undertake the design and development of a professional E-Shop, which will display and highlight your products and services.

We make sure that your online store includes all the necessary functions for managing products, customers and orders, but also that you have the appropriate connections with third-party platforms such as Google, Facebook, Skroutz and more.


Maximize your profits

E-commerce is one of the most profitable sectors of our time.

This is because it gives us the ability to reach a much larger audience than a local store, with the aim of finding the customers that fit exactly what you are selling.

The purchase process is easy, fast, and anyone can complete it in a few clicks from their device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.)

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Why should you choose Visual Row?

All our actions are aimed at maximizing your sales.
We create the best user experience and presentation of your products.

1. Performance

Did you know that for every second your page takes to load, you lose up to 20% of new customers?

We use the most modern techniques and technologies to achieve the best load times and at the same time your superior performance on Google compared to the competition. Our goal is to create the best experience for your customers, achieve better SEO results and maximize performance on Google Ads and Facebook / Instagram campaigns.


2. Customization

The design of your E-Shop is the first step in maximizing your sales.

An attractive, easy-to-use and fast functional design is the first and most important step for the success of an E-Shop. The ideal design aims to optimize the user experience and user journey in order to maximize your conversions (sales).

3. Ease of use

It is very important for us that you can manage your E-Shop easily and quickly.

For this reason, we offer you training on all the functions of the online store so that you can manage the website design, images and texts, the products, the orders and the customers by yourself and also see detailed statistics of your sales. The management system of the E-Shop is very simple, and you can log in from any device you want.


4. Support

We provide fast support and regular safety and performance improvements.

Due to the fact that you are communicating directly with the manufacturer of your E-Shop, we can provide you with immediate support and resolve your queries. We constantly try to improve our technologies and our systems with regular upgrades in the areas of security and performance.

Are you ready to get started?

We will be happy to discuss your needs and build a strong partnership.

Related information and services

Selling products over the internet

Google (Search, Business, Merchant)

The next step after completing the construction of your e-shop, is to register it in Google, so that its pages appear in the search results.

At the same time, we create a Google merchant account (Google Merchant) and connect the flow of our products.

Thus, we will immediately benefit from the free listings of the products and prepare the ground for promotion on Google Ads.

Finally, if you have a physical store, we will register its location on Google My Business.

Through it, you can present your business in detail, add your locations, hours and service method, analyze the services and products you offer, post photos and publications as well as receive reviews and comments from customers and your visitors.

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Building the eshop is the first step.

Our next goal is to increase traffic by reaching carefully targeted people who are interested in our products and services.

Ads on Google Ads and Facebook / Instagram are one of the best and most direct ways to achieve this, always based on the marketing strategy and goals we have at the beginning of the process.

Our many years of experience in Google Ads and Facebook Ads enable us to utilize specialized advertising techniques and maximize the performance of the campaigns.

Digital Marketing
Advertising in Google Ads & Facebook Ads
Eshop development to increase sales

Interface with third-party platforms (Skroutz, Bestprice)

By building an eshop we have the possibility to expand and create interfaces with the most well-known third party platforms in Greece (Google Merchant, Skroutz, BestPrice).

By creating a dynamic feed, we are given the opportunity to automatically synchronize our products, their attributes and their availability, so that we can make them sell them in parallel with our eshop, with a simpler way of management.

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